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In 2018 We bring you 3 models

In Jan : Magic Ecology Ball
In Jun: Magic Shrimp
In Aug: Jellyfish aquarium

2017/12   Fourth Generation Product

Magic Ecology Ball (Explosion models)

Features: Product integration of diversified elements,ornamental value+Interesting+ sense of technology
precise market positioning, improve the consumer experience. Animals+plants+led lights+ micro-landscape
and other technology elements. High-translucent acrylic ball pregnant with different types of lives,
formed a mutually complementary benign self-circulatory ecosystem

We choose the “ball” appearance, not only because it is the shape of the earth, but also in China it has good moral.

The eggs in the lower half ball can hatch out small fishes quickly in water, the creation of lives just like the magic.

In the process of growing fish excrement will increase the concentration of nitrate in the water which can easily cause

poisoning and death. While through the upper and lower half ball the absorbent cotton will automatically transport

the nitrate in the water to the upper half ball, converted to the nutrients needed by the plant. As a result,

a self-circulatory ecosystem is formed and plants in the upper ball don’t need any artificial conservation

Rechargeable led lamp is another highlight of the magic eco-ball, fantastic effect to enhance product ornamental value

which can also be used as a night light

In the concept of green, ecological and environmental protection, we combine magic fish, micro-landscapes plant ,

Led lamps and ecology as one, also can as a stylish desktop furnishing

2013/06   Third Generation Product

Luxury Fish Beauty & Fishing Boats & Shell House Series

Features: Product personalization, high-grade components. “Luxurious Fish Beauty” combined vinyl and food-grade
PC injection two molding process, successfully bring in fish beauty cartoon image. “Fishing Boat” adopts the
unique ship-type aquarium made of food-grade PC which increase fun in self assembly. “Shell House” 1: 1 real
shell mapping production, the pink shell appearancebe loved by girls

2010/04   Second Generation Product

Fish Angels & Magic Fish & Fish Beauty Series

Features: Low prices, improved on the basis of the first generation products, packaging upgrade, While still poor
in overall visual.Self-mold production of PS green aquarium, increase of background board+Led lights+stickers, etc
First time successfully designed seven cartoon images into product concept

2009/02   First Generation Product

Magic Soil & Foreign Markets OEM
(simple models)

Features: low price, simple internal packaging Fish egg shelf life is relatively shorter
lower stability
Fragile aquarium